Big News! We Will Be Changing Our Name!

We are very excited to announce an important new milestone in our Credit Union’s history: Fresno County Federal Credit Union will be changing its name.

Fresno County Federal Credit Union remains financially strong. Rest assured, the name change is not due to a merger or acquisition. The Credit Union has experienced tremendous success in delivering excellent member service and pricing, as reflected in our member surveys. We recognize that welcoming more members will provide us greater economies of scale, allowing us to continue to offer the quality products, services, and pricing you’ve come to expect and enjoy. We believe a name that is simple and memorable will attract new members, ultimately benefiting all members. Evolution and growth are vital to an organization’s sustainability in today’s world. We believe a name change will position your Credit Union for added financial strength and additional member benefits. We remain committed to providing you with a high level of personal service and superior value.

Our name is changing but our commitment to you remains the same. You are the most important reason for our success! I’m sure you have many questions.

I encourage you to continue reading the information on the following pages. Please feel free to contact me regarding any questions or comments you may have. I can be reached at or at (559) 451-2340.

We value your membership and thank you for your loyalty to the Credit Union.

You probably have questions, which we’ll answer below.

  • Fresno County Federal Credit Union was originally established in 1941 as Fresno County Employees Credit Union, representing our founding sponsor organization, the County of Fresno. In the 1980s, we began welcoming members from local businesses and organizations. In the 1990s, we converted to a Federally Chartered CU, and the name was changed to what it is today. While we are very strong financially, we recognize that accelerating our growth will provide us with a greater opportunity to offer the best rates, low fees, and convenient technology. We believe a name that is simple and memorable will result in growth that will benefit our current membership.

  • No, the Credit Union is still managed by the same Board of Directors and is still owned solely by our members. Your Credit Union continues to be financially safe and sound. The name change is coming along at an appropriate time to continue to strengthen the Credit Union and offer great value and quality service for all of our members.

  • We anticipate the name change process will take several months, so it’s likely that we’ll announce the new name in early 2017.

  • As valued members, we believe you deserve to know what is happening at your Credit Union. In addition, we want you to be a part of this historic transition and we will provide opportunities for your feedback throughout the process. Your opinion matters!

  • Yes, your checks and plastic cards will continue to be accepted after the name is changed. In time, you will be issued new cards and checks with the new name. As the name change goes into effect next year, we will communicate with you and answer all of your questions.

  • We completely understand. We know some members are very attached to our name. After all, some of our current members joined over 50 years ago! However, we need to change the name to prepare the Credit Union for the future. We’re confident that you’ll come to like the new name.

  • Besides the name and logo, everything else will stay the same. Our commitment to our members, quality services, hours, locations, and of course, our super-friendly staff will remain unchanged.

  • We will be changing signs, brochures, letterhead, and a few other things. As a natural course of business, we’ll run out of brochures and will need new ones. In addition, many of our signs are old and worn and need replacement. So, our timing couldn’t be better.

  • No. We remain committed to the Credit Union movement and philosophy upon which Credit Unions were built – which is people helping people. We believe in doing the right thing by our members and that means ensuring you get the most from your hard earned money.

  • Throughout the process, we’d love your input! You can email to share your thoughts and suggestions. While there will not be an opportunity to vote for the final name, once the new name selection is approved by the Board of Directors, it will be announced to the membership.

  • This change means greater opportunity for the Credit Union to grow and experience greater economies of scale, which will aid in continuing to provide low-cost, high-quality products and services to help you manage your accounts and achieve your financial goals. It will also mean you’ll receive new checks, ATM, debit and credit cards with the new name. The new name will illustrate the unique bond between the Credit Union and our current and future members. What will not change is our philosophy, our commitment to members, the smiling, friendly faces of our staff, and the products and services you’ve come to enjoy.

  • No. Your member number will remain as is.

  • The only visible change will be the new name on the outside of the branch. Inside you will continue to be served with the same helpful and courteous staff and with the same products you tell us you love and want. We want to continue to serve you now and in the future. The name change will help us to do this and to be competitive with other financial institutions.

  • The new name is an investment in our future together, and a foundation for growth in the years to come.

    • The new name will illustrate the unique bond between the Credit Union and our members.
    • By selecting a new name, we’re strengthening our commitment to our members, our core values and our mission.
    • The current name is quite lengthy, and a more simple and memorable name will better suit the Credit Union.
    • Rest assured, the services, staff, branches, and financial innovations will continue the way they always have.

We’re very excited to rename Fresno County Federal Credit Union. We look forward to your input along the way. We know you enjoy being part of something special – with a new name, we can tell the world about it!