About Us

Helping Each Other Grow and Thrive

Fresno County Federal Credit Union was created in 1941, but it wasn’t until years later that it had an office location to call home. In the meantime, it existed in the briefcase of Fred E. Main, one of the Credit Union’s first members.

Together, Main and his fellow founding members formed the institution with a simple but powerful idea: that by pooling their funds together, members and their families would be able to help each other grow and thrive. From these humble beginnings, Fresno County Federal Credit Union has become one of the area’s leading credit unions serving more than 70,000 members with eight full-service branches and more than $530 million in assets!

One thing that hasn’t changed is that simple idea that started it all. To see it in action, just look at the institution’s Board of Directors – seven dedicated Credit Union members who volunteer their services in helping to steer its progress. They work as a team to represent the interests of the membership, making the Credit Union’s assets more useful and helpful, not just more profitable.

The results of their efforts are all around us. It’s in more than 72 years’ worth of local families realizing dreams of home ownership. In thousands of our neighbors benefiting from big-bank services without all those big-bank strings attached. In generations of Central Valley residents, in good times and bad, who have achieved financial stability, reached their goals, and flourished (thanks to a little help from their friends).

Of course, we don’t serve clients here, or even customers; we serve members. Members are owners of Fresno County Federal Credit Union, adding strength to a cooperative effort that benefits us all. You’re invited to experience membership in Fresno County Federal Credit Union for yourself. If you’re interested in lower loan rates, higher savings rates and no fees for the financial services you need, you’ve come to the right place.